DVR Newsletter FAQs

Paid or Free DV Radio Newsletter?

Simply, you do not have to pay. Paying is a way of support. However::

The great thing about that question is, whichever you would like! If you subscribe to DV Radio’s Newsletter and never pay a single penny, you are still going to be able to see the newsletter!! If you pay for a month or an entire year however, you will still get to see all of the newsletters but you will be able to leave comments, have a couple of “subscriber-only” newsletters, and we’ll try our best to get you a guest spot on at least one of our shows that year! (The guest spot is only available to those that subscribe to the “Dysfunctional Member” tier.)

*NOTE: “Preshow Podcasts” will be as often as we can possibly make them. You may get one a month, you may get three a month but if we do not have enough content to constitute a “Preshow Podcast” then, we will try our best to get together and make a thirty minute episode for our paid subscribers.

Why is it $8/month?

We try to keep the costs as low as possible if you are someone that would like to support us and with fees being taken from multiple sources [here], we had to raise the cost per month. But it’s okay, you do NOT have to pay to read!

Doesn’t DV Radio Have Sponsors?

Nope. We have NO paid sponsors WHATSOEVER. All monies from the DV Radio Store (DV Radio merch only), donations through PayPal, Ko-Fi and this newsletter are the only sources of constant/regular revenue that DV Radio has. All other monies that pay bills and keep DV Radio going come from the volunteers that work behind-the-scenes and those you hear in the show(s).

So Only Veterans Are Welcomed?

Contrary to popular belief, NO! We welcome any and all supporters of the Armed Forces and those that have previously served, Active Duty, Guard and Reserve as well as their families. We try to discuss items within all of these genres, give resources to help all aforementioned, and treat them as they are our family.

“Dysfunctional”, That Sounds Terrible

So does “disgruntled”, “irreverent”, and a whole host of other words used by huge companies yet you are not bothered by it. Dive into the history of “Dysfunctional Veterans” and you will find out that it began as a tongue-in-cheek joke that evolved into helping Veterans to not join the 22 A Day, help thousands across the entire World, spawn the DV Farm, and be a part of history as organizations and nonprofits joined the DV Family (IE: Objective Zero, Ubora Coffee, K Bar Soap Co., and many more you can find out about here.) We have fun, we make sarcastic jokes, we’re not politically correct, and we love and respect everybody until they decide to do the opposite with us.

So DV Radio Is A Nonprofit??

Absolutely not. That would be the DV Farm which is located in Gilsum, New Hampshire and helps reintegrate our Veterans (that are having addiction issues and are homeless) back into civilian life. Find out more here.

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